Pressure Pile Driven Piers

We realize you have many choices in foundation repair companies. We try to keep it simple, affordable, honest, and to the point. There are many names for the types of piers used to lift and re-level your home.



How do I know if I need foundation repair?

Expanding and contracting soils, tree roots close to the foundation, droughts, and heavy rains - these are all issues that create movement and can directly affect the foundation of your home. Visible signs of foundation movement include cracks in the exterior brick or siding, separations around window and door frames, doors that are sticking, or have large gaps around door reveals, sloping floors, etc. These are all indications of movement, yet this does not always mean foundation repair is needed. We can do an evaluation for you, shoot some elevations around your home, and discuss your options if repairs needed or discuss a prevention plan and suggest items that may help your situation, like placing soaker hoses around the perimeter of your home for consistent moisture content, or installing root barriers if your trees are becoming an issue.

Tell me about the evaluation process?

There are many pieces to the puzzle when determining if you need house leveling, we will begin with an examination of the exterior and interior of the home, looking for cracks in the walls, around windows, doors, are the doors sticking, are there separations in the brick or siding. We will also use a digital level throughout your home to take elevations, and this provides us with a visual tool to help you see if/where settlement has occurred in your home. We will draw your home up with elevations and suggested pier locations if needed.


  • Slab jacking
  • Driveway leveling
  • Driveway raising
  • Digital evaluations
  • Block and pad
  • Pier and beam
  • Stilt homes